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“Tits or GTFO.”

Once a meme/joke, has taken a toll on the mentality of on the internet. It was funny the first few times to hear/see “Tits or GTFO”, but now it’s taken on a form of an ugly monster with no face. The anonymity of the internet feeds these mindsets to those that want to be sheep and not targets of ridicule from their other male counterparts, labeling them as “White Knights”. Nevertheless, I’m still at odds with the video game and internet community. A once “Boys Only” club is slowly becoming co-ed. Which brings me to tonight’s conundrum:

How is that both of these communities cry out for the need of estrogen in their cesspool of testosterone, but when it becomes available, it is almost rejected from the start? Barely given a chance, labels are slapped onto our heads like the...

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Dye my hair. Don’t care.

2013-03-13 22.15.47

It’s has been a long process but, this was my end result that I was 80% happy with. Using Manic Panic 40 Vol. hair lightening kit, L’Oreal Extreme Blonde [with some left over 40 developer from the MP kit] and Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow [toner], this was my end result after a few weeks of process. However, I wanted all the blond to be the lightest blonde, but, I got this gradation instead. Such is life. Nevertheless, it’s time to dye with other colors before I go back into the workforce. Though, I could just wig it up and continue with wild colors outside of work.

I use Cholesterol to help with any breakage as well as a deep conditioner on top of it to try to keep my hair on my head and not on my pillow. Definitely will help in keeping your hair healthy...

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