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Things To Do During a Storm

Right about now everyone on the East Coast has had their share of being in the house (unless you had to evacuate); since I have not had the ability to do what I usually do for some time now, I figured I could pass on a list of things to do while you are stuck in the house. (Assuming your electricity and internet is still working that is).

  1. Facebook– Yes this is top of the list, with Facebook changing their feed access you will actually have to look up what is going on in your friend lives.
  2. Twitter– Oh good ole Twitter…always good for a laugh. Try searching trending terms and hashtags.
  3. Polyvore – The shopping bug can hit the best of us, so to kill that fashion bug you can use this site to create outfits and even post them to your blog.
  4. GGPO– Join and you can play a long list of fighting ga...
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Over the holiday I realized there was a need for a community for female gamers. Typically if you are a female gamer your opinion is often scoffed at or ignored all together…not so here!

I have a lot of respect for other sites dedicated to games, comics and movies to date; however if you are a female viewing the articles and forums you tend to feel alienated. Here we can post about the same subjects and discuss them in our forums! If you do not share the double X chromosome, don’t fret; you are still welcomed here as long as you respect where you are.

I see great things coming out of this venture and look forward to feedback! Thank you for taking this journey with us!

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Originally posted. 02/07/2013

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