Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike Map Packs Out Now!

Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike Map Pack

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Map Packs Have Finally Arrived!!!!!!!

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t wait to hear that Treyarch (The makers of Call of Duty) have come out with a long awaited map pack for the game. The Map Pack was released on Feb 1st to all Xbox 360 owners first. I, however, as a PS3 owner was a bit disappointed, but not to worry, We will have our map packs about a month after. It will be complete and utter agony until then but it will give me more time to build up my kill/death ratio=)

Treyarch will be releasing at least 4 map packs, so in totality, there will be 16-20 maps for your playing pleasure once they are all released. The logic on this is, Treyarch will release a map pack per gaming season to keep us completely hooked=)

So for details on this amazing news: There are 5 maps included in this pack. Four packs are for multiplayer. One is dedicated to the Zombies board. I’ll give you a description and a preview of them here.


Kowloon - First Strike

Here we have Kowloon. Set in China, the background on this board is that if you played the story portion of the single player game on Black Ops, they pulled this board from that. The unique feature about this board is that it sports a zipline! You can quickly get from one side of the board to another but this also leaves you COMPLETELY exposed.


Stadium - First Strike: Black Ops

Next is Stadium. Now, this is a more close-quartered, intimate play board. These are for those run through freaks that must keep moving and don’t like to camp. It is set in a hockey stadium in Canada and best for running gunners. Imagine Firing Range or Cracked.


Discovery - First Strike: Black Ops

Here we have Discovery. This takes place in a Antarctic German Research Facility. Abandoned in World War II, this map is completely interactive and the most intriguing to me. It is divided by a deep chasm, and there are sniper opportunities here but don’t worry I have a board for you guys in a sec. I like it because if you throw a grenade at one of the bridges, it could collapse and kill you. Be aware though that this crossing leaves you exposed as well so plan your strategy accordingly.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall - First Strike: Black Ops

The 4th and final MULTIPLAYERmap is Berlin Wall. This is for all my Campin’ Ass Bitches and Snipers out there!!! This is taken from a time in Germany when East and West Collided and there was a Check point base called Check Point Charlie. This map is what that is based off of. There are warehouses, and hiding spots. Beware of the no man’s land in the center of the board! This ‘path’ is lined with Auto Turrets and I do not know yet how you can avoid these, but sounds like tons o’ fun! LOL


Ascension - First Strike: Black Ops

This is the FINAL map in the entire pack. This is dedicated to zombie play. It is called Ascension. From what I viewed in the preview, these zombies are stronger and faster than the Kino der Toten level. Those with the Hardened or Prestige upgrades have access to the original four zombie maps from World at War. Ascension features Russian scientist, astronaut and military zombies

Well I hope you got some valuable information. I know I did. I can’t wait for the release of this pack to PS3, I will be patiently waiting. But these map packs have tons of new opportunities for clever strategies. I’m looking forward to seeing who are the Brains, and who has the Brawn. Again if you’re on the PS3 network, add me at Blas1anmam1 and I’ll see you in battle along side Taco, my ride or die gerbil LMFAO


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