Call of Duty: Black Ops

Greetings everyone, I just want to welcome you to our site. I hope you get as much out of it from any other place. I also hope you get that crazy stereotype out of your head that females cannot participate in ‘manly’ things such as video games, comics, or sports discussions! You are looking at a Fantasy Football Playoff contender two years in the running! 12-3 record!

However, that is neither here nor there=) I am here to share with you my love of the virtual world and I wanted to share this video with those who truly appreciate Black Ops. Excellently done and a pleasure to watch.

Stay tuned my little minions. I will be sharing cheats, and secret hiding spots on each board for Black Ops soon. I also will share some of my strategies on matches.

Genius Remake of my favorite game!

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  • Blas1anmam1  says:

    Everyone can add me on Facebook too with lady gamers online=)

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