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Debating on Waiting For the Xperia Play

Debating on Waiting For the Xperia Play

Its 2011!

A new year typically means a new phone for me…I was a HTC fan girl until the phone I wanted had a higher price tag than I was willing to pay. Rumor has it that HTC will release the HTC Evo Shift soon; however other rumors confirm the long anticipated “Playstation Phone” will become available for sale soon as well.

According to a number of sources, the “Playstation Phone” is currently code named “Xperia Play”. I have this thing for needing a keyboard in order to post on the numerous sites I frequent, but my love for Sony may overpower that need. The specs I came across for the phone boasts this phone will rock my favorite OS..Android!

I currently have the Samsung Moment and even though I have had it for only a year, it is now out dated. HTC Phones typically last me about three years. I am never a fan of buying the first generation of phones…but its Playstation?!?!

Decisions, decisions!

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