Dye my hair. Don’t care.

2013-03-13 22.15.47

It’s has been a long process but, this was my end result that I was 80% happy with. Using Manic Panic 40 Vol. hair lightening kit, L’Oreal Extreme Blonde [with some left over 40 developer from the MP kit] and Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow [toner], this was my end result after a few weeks of process. However, I wanted all the blond to be the lightest blonde, but, I got this gradation instead. Such is life. Nevertheless, it’s time to dye with other colors before I go back into the workforce. Though, I could just wig it up and continue with wild colors outside of work.

I use Cholesterol to help with any breakage as well as a deep conditioner on top of it to try to keep my hair on my head and not on my pillow. Definitely will help in keeping your hair healthy...

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New Xbox Announced Today

Most of you know I’m not an xbox fan like the rest of the LGO clan, however I will keep an eye out on the specs announced today.
It seems the newer generation consoles are leaning more towards becoming a computer, making the jump from console based gaming to pc gaming more feasible. Stay tuned..

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