Some Coding Tips for my Black Ops Team (And a special Hack)

LGO Approved!

So every game has codes right? Well this particular blog isn’t about cheats for unlimited kill streaks, or precision aiming, or even a Hollowtip as opposed to the “Hardened” Perk. Its to unlock different games within the game. It is also cheats for achievements in the game.

To unlock Dead Ops Arcade (Screen shot below), this is what you have to do:
From the Main Menu (TV screen) escape the chair that is holding you captive.
On PS3 press L2 and R2 and on Xbox 360 press Lt and Rt. You will then break free of your restraints. Get up and walk around the TV to the Left. Once you stand up you will earn a trophy (Just Ask Me Nicely) Then walk over to the computer on the wall. A keyboard will appear on the screen. Type the letters “DOA” and get ready to start shooting. Its a 3rd person Aerial View of Black ops. Use the right trigger to blast through your walking dead enemies and see how far you can get!

Dead Ops Arcade

To get the Map Pack 5 for Nazi Zombies and unlock all Zombie Mode levels you will enter in

To unlock all the intel in the game for viewing (Disables Closer Analysis Trophy/Achievement)

To unlock Zork I, The Great Underground Empire (a great text adventure from 1980) a text based game which you can play on the console and earns you the trophy “Eaten by a Grue”

Zork I

HELP – Gives you a list of commands to interface with the console — amongst which you can check mail messages etc…

WHO – Gives you a list of login names for use with the RLOGIN function but it requires a password.

DIR – Gives you sound files

——————Hack —–Hack —–Hack——————————-

So you want unlimited ammo and reload do you? I found an amazing hack for my lovies out there. This is the hack That Gets You 7689381 XP PER MINUTE, Even in PUBLIC GAMES! Also Comes With UNLIMITED AMMO & RELOAD HACK! I’ve read reviews, and I’ve done my research, this hack is clean and it works.

Download the Call of Duty Black Ops Hacks at The Call of Duty Black Ops Hacks

This is The hack That Gets You 7689381 XP PER MINUTE, Even in PUBLIC GAMES! Also Comes With UNLIMITED AMMO & RELOAD HACK!

Step 1: Download File (LINK or Pc,PS3, XBOX)
Step 2: Load it Onto a Memory stick
Step 3: Put it onto your PS3 or XBOX or PC (For PC Just Save it in Savegame Folder)
Step 4: Install it Onto Console (Not Needed For PC)
Step 5: Join a Public Game And Level up Insanely fast!

Download this and Install it Onto Your PS3, XBOX OR PC And Join the Fun of Ranking Up Insanely Fast!
Virus Scan – No Viruses, Test yourself if You want!

I hope this all helps my gamers out. Please use with your own discretion and happy gaming!=)

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Originally posted. 02/07/2013

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