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Second Round of Snow This Week, First Round of the Playoffs This Weekend

As we sit under yet another winter advisory, all we can do is eat, play video games and wait for our big playoff game tomorrow.
The Philadelphia Eagles released this weeks flash cartoon, view it after the jump.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Greetings everyone, I just want to welcome you to our site. I hope you get as much out of it from any other place. I also hope you get that crazy stereotype out of your head that females cannot participate in ‘manly’ things such as video games, comics, or sports discussions! You are looking at a Fantasy Football Playoff contender two years in the running! 12-3 record!

However, that is neither here nor there=) I am here to share with you my love of the virtual world and I wanted to share this video with those who truly appreciate Black Ops. Excellently done and a pleasure to watch.

Stay tuned my little minions. I will be sharing cheats, and secret hiding spots on each board for Black Ops soon. I also will share some of my strategies on matches.

Genius Remake of my favorite game!

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